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The Design Concept

The existing room was underused and cluttered, overfilled with old furniture and family heirlooms. The lack of zoned space left the family not knowing how to use the space or what for. 

It was important to us that our design created more purpose within the space and opportunities for users to enjoy the view, reaping the benefits of looking out over greenery, watching the changing seasons and weather patterns, and gaining maximum exposure to natural light. To facilitate this we raised the floor to make the beautiful views from the internal seating more accessible for the family.

Equally important was to apply a fresh, contemporary finish to the space, whilst maintaining the richness of the Nordic villa’s heritage and keep them rooted in their family history and identity. 

banquette seating and dining table

The Dining Area

A family dining area was constructed in a corner furthest away from the window, surrounded by numerous heirlooms displayed in bespoke shelving, and integrated banquette seating for those family moments. 

This design feature intends to spark conversation and enhance family memories.

living room with dining area

The Living Area

The room also features many bespoke pieces of furniture including the book display table situated at the centre of the room, in the living area. The integrated window seat with shelving unit also creates a relaxing place to sit close to nature.

This project gave us the perfect opportunity to demonstrate some of the key Biophilic Design principles; aside from improving views onto nature and increasing exposure to natural light, we also used natural textures and materials, natural colour schemes, and ensured that nature is always in the peripheral vision.

These ideas help to create a calming, restorative and social space, where the family are able to relax and unwind together.

living room design

The Fireplace

The shape of the existing fireplace has been simplified in order to allow for a cosy corner seat, where family members can sit and read.

The fireplace structure uses hand glazed burgundy tiles, which create a striking focal point to the room and complements the rich berry tones found in soft furnishings. 

We upcycled many pieces of the existing furniture to maintain the interior’s character.