The Design

To draw attention to how recycling works within the home, the structure of the stand took the form of a recognisable symbol of domesticity – a two up, two down pitch roof house. The design was then abstracted and distorted to create three interconnected sections; a kitchen, garden and lounge area. The forms were angled and cantilevered giving a dynamic perspective to the overall appearance.

Materials used for the construction of the stand were all recycled or recyclable: 

  • The living space was constructed utilising a steel frame that was clad in recycled plastic sheeting made from water bottles. This structure incorporated a bench fitted with a cushion upholstered in fleece material recycled from plastic bottles, and displayed the bottles beneath.
  • The kitchen section was constructed from cardboard laminated together to form thick structural walls to create a three pin arch. The kitchen work surface was made from recycled glass and resin and recycled yogurt pot plastic was used for the cabinet doors. 
  • In addition we sourced all of the recycled products and materials on display and designed the graphic boards. 

The complex task of communicating the future of domestic recycling in an exciting and engaging way to public and industry alike was delivered through the design, form and materiality of the stand. Designed and Completed with Nikki Blustin.

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