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asian restaurant

The Outside Courtyard

The courtyard captures the hustle and bustle of an Asian night market; enticing customers with suspended festoon lighting, fluttering banners and parasols clustered round groups of tables. 

A mobile street stall creates clouds of steam and fragrant scents of sizzling barbecued skewers filtering out into the street.

asian restaurant

The Ground Floor Dining Rooms

The ground floor dining area is conceived as a flexible series of spaces offering customers a choice of dining environments, be it long shared oak tables, or a series of private dining shoji screen rooms.

These 3 private dining rooms have been designed to offer a range of refined spaces. Individual tables can be reconfigured to create a single long table of up to 28 diners – offering real flexibility and opportunity for private functions at the restaurant.

The public dining areas are more bustling open spaces with timber clad walls. Beams of chiaroscuro light flood onto the walls and tables through a series of vintage bird cages.

ambient restaurant

The First Floor Bar

The first floor bar combines Asian themes with Brighton’s oriental heritage and feelings of it being an exciting urban playground, to create a truly unique and eclectic bar. 

Dark, moody spaces are given drama by soaring walls of jute rope and an array of glowing luminescent lanterns floating through the space, like jelly fish through a sea of infinite blue.

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