Evidence based approach

We work with our clients to deliver spaces that enhance occupant wellbeing and project specific outcomes.

Working alongside the client plus financial, HR, and FM managers, as well as the building users themselves, to build a complete picture. 

There is no ‘one size fits all’ and we make it our mission to find what is right for each of our clients. 

We observe and analyse existing spaces, gathering quantitative and qualitative evidence so that we can better understand the spatial and human opportunities that exist. 

This pre-occupancy evaluation helps us ensure we develop a brief that will fulfil the requirements of the client and the people that use the space; improving the results for the triple bottom line of people, planet and performance.

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From initial concepts to detailed designs our expertise and experience of creating Biophilic interiors and architectural designs means we can confidently communicate and deliver our ideas - be that through drawings, written reports or presentations. 

We take huge care in implementing our designs and, after a considered handover, we ensure that our designs continue to deliver to the highest standard whilst in-use; we gather post-project feedback and insights that help us to learn and grow from each project and turn evidence into insights. 

This also allows us the opportunity to continue working with our clients to solve any issues that arise. As clients’ needs are constantly changing and evolving, we don’t believe that a space is ever ‘done’. This cyclical design process keeps us and our clients in the loop to ensure spaces continue to support those that use them. 

Biophilic Work Stage Plan 

  1. Project definition - pre-occupancy evaluations
  2. Developing a brief
  3. Concept design
  4. Outline design
  5. Detail design
  6. Implementation / construction
  7. Handover
  8. In-use and post-occupancy evaluations
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Improving experiences

Our creative approach requires strategic thinking to meet the diverse needs of clients and building occupants, whether that’s for the design of a classroom or a modern workplace.

We apply Biophilic Design principles to: 

  • Optimise and organise spaces with a human focus
  • Improve thermal comfort levels
  • Address air quality, toxin levels and ventilation
  • Create acoustic comfort
  • Improve natural and artificial lighting
  • Enhance internal and external views onto nature
  • Incorporate biophilic materials, textures, patterns and colours
  • Include recuperative spaces
  • Consider the psychological and physiological effects of the space

Project Scales

All built spaces, from the design of a specific space to city wide urban design strategies, can benefit from the application of Biophilic Design principles. 

At Oliver Heath Design, we have wide experience of working on projects of different scales and budgetary constraints. This extensive experience allows us to develop solutions for every client. 

Through our initial conversations about the project scope and budget, we can create a bespoke package of services based on a client's vision, budget and individual needs.

As an indication of how this can vary, here is a breakdown of focus areas for a range of project scales. These packages aren’t prescriptive, so if you would like to discuss your project and the options we can offer please do contact us.


Low BudgetMedium BudgetHigh Budget


Evidence-based advice on how to improve spaces for wellbeing

Spatial analysis

Zoning & furniture orientation consultation

Concept visioning

Outline design plans

Horticultural advice



Focused evidence-based research report on how to improve your space

In-depth spatial analysis

Concept visioning

Detailed concept design

Elevations and plans

Colours, materials and planting strategies



Creation of bespoke business case using pre-and post-occupancy evaluations (for workplace design)

Environmental specifics

Concept visioning

Architectural and interior design responses

Full drawing package including detailing

Lighting, heating, ventilation and electrical plans


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