The Contents:

We have written a series of whitepaper design guides entitled ‘Creating +Positive Spaces’. This, the second in the series, focuses on how to incorporate Biophilic Design into workplace Design projects. 

We draw from our years of experience in practicing Biophilic Design, and the evidence base we have accumulated to support it.

In the guide we look at:

  • What Biophilic Design is
  • The science and theory behind the ethos
  • The benefits to staff health, wellbeing and productivity (business case).
  • How to incorporate Biophilic Design at different budgetary scales (low cost, medium cost, and high cost)
  • Biophilic Design in practice through inspirational case studies
  • The future of Human-Centred Design
Design guide

The Writing Process:

The OHD research team worked closely with our knowledge partners Interface, Inc. to develop the topic of each guide in the 'Creating +Positive Spaces' series. 

The writing process then went through the following stages:

  • The research phase, finding and analysing all the latest evidence to support Biophilic Design
  • Creating a structure of chapters and outline of the content
  • Writing up our research findings to inform the business case
  • Creating examples of how to apply Biophilic Design easily into projects cross referenced with the benefit of doing so in a quick reference table
  • Identifying exemplar projects to use as case studies
  • Conducting interviews with industry experts involved in the projects to gain further insights
  • Sourcing images and permissions for use
  • Feedback stages with Interface, Inc.'s team to inform development of the content
  • Sending final draft to Interface, Inc. for layout graphic content creation, printing and online positioning as a downloadable PDF.

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